Therapy, for Real

This week started out kind of cruddy, so the sewing of yesterday and today calmed me like it never has before. I needed that. I really needed that. 

I’ve got one quilt done (but no pics) and one almost done (a couple pics) for the raffle for the staff at the children’s home. So I will share what I’ve got and do another post another time.

Yes, it’s odd.

For some reason I decided to quilt the “plain” rows instead of the distracting pieced rows. It was easy on the edges and one row in, but that middle one! I was almost pulling out my hair! Of course, it’s not perfect, or terribly consistent but it will do. And even though it’s odd, I like the whole thing.

I chose a binding fabric that has tiny flowers on it. It’ll work because they appear to be gray, like some fabrics in the quilt. (Actually those flowers may be lavender, but they looked gray by the gray.) The backing is a lovely medallion type of fabric that I love!

Kind of light for autumn, but Spring will come again.

Then I trimmed my bobbins and put them so they’re pretty. How much thread gets wasted when I’m messy? I don’t really want to know….

I had extras so they just get thrown in the drawer, willy nilly. 

I am somewhat organized, but I do not have Levenger Page Points. I just nabbed the tin from the hubby. I have needles in there. Shhhhh, don’t tell him.

Happy weekend, friends.



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