Friends, I have been waiting for weeks to share this project! Here’s a hint…

I made a scrabble quilt for my friend! She returned this week from welcoming her newest grandson, and her “gramma quilt” was delivered yesterday! Yay! The process of this project was something else, let me tell you! You wouldn’t think coming up with words would be so challenging, then again, Scrabble is a thinking game, isn’t it?

I started out by cutting the letters apart, and putting them into piles. I wanted to see exactly what I had to work with.

There were lots of E’s. Next I needed appropriate fabrics for the background squares, including the double letter, triple letter and double and triple word squares. 

I was pretty happy with these. (What? Doesn’t everyone have tons of wooden scrabble letters and boards?) Here is what the word list looked like, and changed so many times….

So I cut enough background so I could lay out the entire board…

And then started filling in with some letters…

And then realized that I can’t do this on the counter, duh. So I carefully moved the stuff to the floor.

Should have started on the floor. Once I got the rows situated, I had to sew them together. I numbered them so I wouldn’t get them mixed up. 

Yep, we jumped right to Finished! I added a 2 1/2″ border using the background fabric and then quilted on the seams using the wavy line stitch.

I do wish that I had just cut off the blue edges around the letter blocks. On some of them it shows, others it doesn’t. I was not happy with the inconsistency but I left it. Forgiving friends are the best!

That adorable piggy fabric is one I used for my friend’s quilt that I made her a few years ago. I’ve got one tiny piece left and I will need to use it for something super special. I’ve found that when we use the special fabrics for the special people, it’s easier to let go of it. 

Husband picked the name for this one. In the past I’ve used “grandma” in the name, but calling the quilt “Quirky” seemed just right. I used a super de duper soft flannel for the backing and binding. I just loved it so very much, it felt so cozy.

And would you look at that!

Pretty cool!

I know this quilt will be well loved. 

I also sent one of the little piggy mini’s to my friend. She loved it, too.

There just isn’t anything like a friend who completely “gets” it. This friend, Faith is one of the dearest people in my life. I am so thrilled for her grandma status, and all the perks she will enjoy!

ILYMTB, my friend.



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