Snapshots #10

This block is called “Gone Surfin'” which has nothing to do with MY life, but the car (!) does! When I was a kid, like 4 or 5, my favorite aunt had a VW bug. I remember her taking me to her workplace and everyone was so excited to see little me. I was pretty excited to be out and about with her, so it’s a fun memory.  Her car may have been yellow, but orange sticks in my mind too… I rode inside the car, where the color wasn’t….

Good times.

I absolutely love my little woodsy people inside the car. And I love my surfboard and my rear bumper. I especially love the leopard print yellow fabric, it’s just too fun!

After I starched this block, I decided to have a look at all my other blocks. (Yes, I starched them too!)

Here are my transportation blocks. Just missing the sailboat….

Her are the kitchen-y blocks, I suppose the picnic block will “go” with this group in December.

The pet blocks. Still not crazy about the cat, but I LOVE THE PUPPY!


And finally, the “hobby” blocks…..

I think my favorite is still the apron. I love the colors and the cuteness of it.

Since I did not use the Daysail line of fabrics for this project, I’m not sure what I should do about sashing and background (red and aqua in the sample quilt) colors. I’m figured I’d cross that bridge later. 

It’s almost later. If you have any thoughts, I’d appreciate input.

Have a great day!

And watch for an upcoming blog with a special quilt. I can’t share it just yet…..



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