Picture City!

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned we brought home a couple of quilts from the auction for the children’s home? Well, I finally took a few pictures (yeah, more than a few….) to share.

Here is the quilt.

It’s called the Tree of Life quilt. We also received a book with pictures of the group of ladies planning and making the quilt. It included bible verses and pics of work days. I took a picture of every single block, because they are lovely and each one deserves its own spot. They have the names of the blocks listed, and since I’m unfamiliar with some of the names, they may be known by another name also.

Heavenly Stars

Joseph’s Coat

Heavenly Problems


Devils Claws

Children of Israel

Cross within a Cross

Star of the Magi

Devils Puzzle

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Job’s Tears

Solomon’s Puzzle

Jacob’s Ladder

Crown of Thorns

Cross and Crown

Garden of Eden

Tree of Life

I know, isn’t it lovely?

The blocks were laid out perfectly. Each one is gorgeous on its own AND complements its neighbor. I love the setting for the tree, being on-point makes it such a perfect center! 

This pic gives good look at the borders. Green is not one of my favorite colors but it really adds to this quilt’s peacefulness and beauty. The cream colored border is also a place for the quilting to shine.

And the backing is also very perfect for this quilt. The dark binding is sewn down by hand, something I just can’t do anymore, so I especially appreciate the beauty of that.

 I absolutely love this quilt and will treasure it for many years to come.

Please go back and check out the gorgeous machine quilting, an all-over swirl and leaf pattern. It’s stunning.



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