Crafty Me!

Before I was a quilter, I was a crafter! I have created with silk flowers, rubber stamps, paint, wire, scrabble tiles (I still pick up all the Scrabble games I see at garage sales and Goodwill!), ceramics, beadwork and counted cross stitch.

Each “phase” was at a different point in my life, filling that creative pull of the craft. I always had a budget so sometimes “making do” was my motto. (Yes, quilting has challenged that motto at times…)

So today, I decided to do something crafty. I had seen the tutorials on how to make small design boards, and I need some… I made a few.

But first I had to find a fabric that was cute enough to be the “border,” but not so cute that I’d be annoyed that I used it for a non-quilt. I found one, and decided to use the same fabric for all six boards. 

Yes, I made six.

I cut the foam board and made the boards 10″ x 10″ instead of some other size. This way I could use the whole foam board with no waste. Since I had leftover batting, that was easy to trim down to size.  

Next step: glue gun.


I knew we had one. It was just a matter of finding it. I looked in the sewing room closet and it wasn’t there. (As I do have a closet specifically FOR fabric and such supplies, I am “supposed” to keep ALL crafty stuff in one or two places. Sometimes it doesn’t work out quite like that.)

I looked in the husband’s workshop. Found the glue gun! Booya! Now, glue sticks. I looked further in the shop, but didn’t find any.

I looked in my “craft supplies” and they weren’t there. 

So I looked in the workshop some more.

Still not there.

I looked by the craft area……and found them! 

I could finally get going on this project! 

Two hours later, I have six of these.

There is a little bit of working with fabric, like normal, then a lot of gluing!


I remember why I quilt almost exclusively now.

Glue strings. Hot glue on my fingers. Dried glue on and under my fingernails. Mini burns.

But, my design boards are done. I have two more foam boards in case I need more or larger ones.

But I think I won’t need them.

These will do.



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