After sewing so many things that aren’t my favorite colors or fabrics, I finally got to sew something pink today! I purchased this Lori Holt pattern some time ago and finally had some time to give it a go!

There weren’t too many pieces but some of them were teeny tiny!

I think that the P pieces were 3/4″ x 1 1/4″. Tiny for sure!

What? I haven’t mentioned what block this is?

That’s right! Let’s see if you can figure it out as we near the end….

The first bit of sewing created this interesting-ness. A hint….E, I, O. The humor of using those letters for these pieces is not lost on me, Lori Holt!

Yes, I just gave it to you, people! So stinking cute!

Wait! There’s more!

Yep, there is mud.

This actually went together pretty easily. I was off in a few places with the quarter inch seam allowance, thus the funky nose and weirdo leg in the front.

But look! It’s twins!


I still want to try the 12″ block, so next time I get a break from the “have to sew” things, I may give it a try.

If you have skills at making barnyard noises, now’s the time!



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