Auction Results!

After an exciting auction at the children’s home, I was mostly pleased with how the quilts did there. I ended up finishing a large Fox face quilt on Thursday before we left. This is the only picture I have of it finished. Oops.

It went for $35 to someone who, from what I understand, loves pink, loves foxes and is expecting. So even though it’s not the big bucks, it went to the home it was meant for.

The Spool quilt, that my husband called “Threadbare” went for $140. The happy part of this is that it went to my friend and she’s giving it to her mom, who sews! So I was thrilled with that!

Finally, the “Super Hero Friends” quilt, that was advertised big time on Facebook and here, went for $500! I was so thrilled with that! But mostly I’m super thrilled (of course) because it went to my other friend! She was soooooo excited to have it and just loves it. She said it was extra special because I made it!

So, all in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Exhausting but great.

We did come home with almost as many quilts as we went with….gotta support the kids! I’ll put pics up one of these days. 

I have 8 projects to finish before the end of the year. We’ll see if I actually get each one done.

Here a quick shot of my September Snapshots block. 

I made the kitty orange because I was thinking of an orange cat we had many years ago. (The only one I liked, besides one other one.) 

His name was Twinkle. It started out as Twinkie, named after the Hostess product after seeing a truck drive by. It morphed into Twinkle at some point, and also Twinkle Binkle. Yes, we rhyme-name our pets.

He enjoyed eating green olives and they seemed to make him high. It was hilarious and he was a wonderful cat. 

This block was SO. MUCH. EASIER THAN. THE. BIKE. I considered making two puppy blocks but when I read how simple it was and there were only three pages of directions for it, well, I made the cat.

Have a great weekend, all.



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