I completed this project today, in hopes of putting it in the children’s home auction too. I started basting at about 3:30 pm and finished the binding a little after six. Considering that the beginnings of this quilt were so S – L – O – W, I was pleased when it was done.

This is the one that I took months to finish. The blocks were fun to make and I finished them up pretty quickly. But finding the right sashing, that would work with the background was rather tricky. The cornerstones were my favorite thing, until I found the cute sashing. I love how they work together. Polka dots are always in fashion!

I used a Northcott fabric that I’ve had for years for the back. I love this fabric and I’m so glad I still have a bit left. The colors were perfect and tea and sewing kind of go together. At least they certainly do at my house!

The binding is the same red as the border. I quilted this using wavy lines, as my machine does this for me with little effort on my part. I did an “organic grid.” Yes, that’s what I’m calling it because to call it “a grid” implies that it’s even and “just so.”

It is so not just so.

The grid is very willy nilly and rather unevenly spaced. I think that’s what “organic” means, at least in this instance it does. I like it and hope someone else does too.

See my “organic quilting” there? I used light gray thread, it just seemed to be a better choice than red. 

Another quilt done! I have approximately 8 projects to complete before the end of the year. And that doesn’t include my Snapshots blocks/quilt. 

It’s good to have works in progress when there’s so much to do. Something is always near to being done then!



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