Super Hero Auction Quilt

Several months ago my husband requested a super hero quilt for the auction at the children’s home we support and love. He believes it will be a big hit, and I hope it will be. 

The daughter and I went to the park to take pictures, so enjoy.

Lots of super heroes on this quilt, people. The Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman, Ironman, Thor, Superman, Captain America and Wolverine. There might be more. My favorite, Loki (who is actually a bad guy, but I think he’s just misunderstood) isn’t included.

For the back I used Transformers fabric. The husband thought it’d be alright to mix heroes…

It’s kind of fun taking artsy pics at the park.

At this point the daughter was getting tired of holding the quilt, said it was heavy. It may be hard to see, but she’s got it on like a cape ⬆️ ……

I hope this quilt brings a smile to a little guy’s face. And a load of $$cha-ching$$ to the children’s home.



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