A Little Bit o’ Bragging 

No, I’m not tooting my own horn! I try not to do that! I wanted to share an awesome quilt that my dear friend made for her grandson, who will make his appearance next month!

Let’s start with the feathers…. 

Beautiful, right? I think they’re gorgeous. She sent me the link to the pattern and Oh. My. Goodness! I am so NOT making any! It just looks hard! I am so lame.

My friend is a new quilter. Self-taught (I am too). Clever as all get-out (she knows shorthand). And obviously has “the eye” for colors and such (she’s been a major camera geek for many, many years). 

Love the feathers! Next is the arrow….

Pretty sharp, huh? (I love puns.)

I absolutely love the background fabric she used on both of these blocks. Birch trees, I think. 

Isn’t that fabulous? Can you believe she’s new at this? I love the combination of blocks, dark strips and binding and the piecing! The fabrics! Oh, they are just perfect for the Tribal Woodland theme of the baby’s room.

Yes, it sounded weird to me too, that’s why I made a fox face quilt (previous post). 

But when I look at this quilt, this gift of love from grandma to baby, I see all the care she took to make it JUST SO. It is perfect, friends. Like all baby quilts are.

Made with love, for babies.

And Faith, you stinking rule! Let’s give her a hand, people! 



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