Estate Sale Haul

I found a few goodies for not too many $$ at an estate sale today. I hope you’re not too jealous!

There were a couple of non-quilty items that I didn’t photograph: a Burl Ives songbook from 1953, a set of notecards and a Precious Moments unicorn ornament for the daughter.

I picked up these two Eleanor Burns books for way cheap! I’ve always loved the Delectable Mountains pattern but never got around to doing it. The book came with a weirdly shaped ruler/template, so for $2 it was a pretty good deal!

There were lots of spools of thread, but I just didn’t have a good way to hold onto it, so I only grabbed a few. My daughter liked the cow and checkerboard fabric, so they came home with me too. And I’ve seen people stamp on the twill tape, so it came home too.


We were both pretty excited about the Muppets embroidery software. I just hope it works on my machine. I also got the fun quilter lady set by Mary Lou Weidman. I’ve had my eye on this for years, but never wanted to spend the money.  Booya! I also bought the “creative shortcut” circle stuff. Pretending I’m going to make circles here….

And that pink thing? It is not what I thought it was, but there it is!

This Amy Butler book was too cute to pass up!

And finally, this book with templates included. Doesn’t the block remind you of the Swoon block? Very pretty, so I bought it.

Once I got home I tried to find a spot for everything that I picked up! And I had fun mail waiting for me! The large triangle template I ordered from Missouri Star Quilt Company arrived! I had just watched a video Using it last night and I so hoped it’d come!

And it did! So I started cutting a layer cake that had been laying around for a LONG time.

Pretty jazzy colors, huh? Here is what I’m making….

I got one sewn together but forgot to take a picture. I will need to decide about the corner triangles, but I’ll figure that out later. Since there were duplicates in the layer cake, I’ve probably got enough to do the pennant quilt too. 

I know, I didn’t really need to start another project! 

But I needed to make sure the template worked properly, didn’t I?

Yes, because you just never know.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Have a good weekend, friends.



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