My 100th Blog Entry!

I only know this because the WordPress app on the iPad changed and informed me of such. Husband must have updated EVERYTHING when I was sewing!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so I haven’t been sewing much during the week. But today I really hit it and got a cute little wall hanging done. The Spool is so cool.

I used an Aloha Girl 2.5″ charm for the body of it, and stuff I had on hand for the rest. That wood looking fabric is from Debbie Mumm’s ark line of fabric from many, many years ago.  Still have a wee bit left too.

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE stitching in the ditch? I really do. For some reason I just can’t do it on the straight and narrow. So my ditch stitchin’ is all over the place. I tried the free motion thing again, and it turned out okay. I had to keep an eye on the thread as I didn’t want to run out. After sewing the binding on, the cream thread was gone!

Here is the fabric I used for the back. SCISSORS! I’ve had it forever too. I think I actually used this in the first quilt I made for my parents. Anyway, I made a “thread tail” shaped like an “L” in the background. Just trying some different things, you know?

So that was my fun for today.

I’ll be hanging this up in the sewing room. I think I’m going to make a bunch of small quilts and do that.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!



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