“Potato Playtime” Baby Quilt

So yesterday I asked the husband if he thought I could make a baby quilt for a shower that was today. He said I could if it wasn’t real elaborate. So I took that answer as a, “Feel free to sew all day and I won’t bother you,” type of response.

And I did it.

Luckily several months ago I put fabrics together for “possible” quilts, so I chose Mr. Potato Head. The colors are bright and fun and perfect for a baby boy.

I started out straightening up my fabrics. Look at how terribly off this is. It always bugs me when I have to cut off an inch or so.

It is what it is. Here are the other fabrics I used, laid out in order of appearance.

That open spot that shows my pink mat….that’s where I removed the orange strip. It just wasn’t working. And I only had about a yard and a half of the brown fabric and I wanted to use it on the back, so I just sliced off this six inch strip for the center.

Sewing the strips together went very well. They are the width of the fabric, so anywhere from 40″ – 42″. Which basically means 40″ because they need to be even.

I thought this was funny. When I think of consumption, I think of eating something. And it is potato fabric….


The quilt ended up being a bit longer than I planned so I had to add some strips to the backing. In the past I have not been super careful about making things even, but this time I wanted it to be just so. Worked out fine!
Basting was the usual “crawl on the floor and try not to die” episode, but quilting was a breeze. Simple wavy lines from edge to edge. Usually the backing is a couple inches larger than the top, all around, but not this time! I JUST made it. For the binding I used the green Potato Head parts fabric, so it’s pretty cute all around the edges.

Lol, I love that little guy in the green hat on the bottom right of the pic! Kind of like a photo bomb! Anyway, here are the strips I added to the brown backing to make it long enough to use. In the past I have never achieved this perfection of even-ness. I’m pretty proud of it. 😊

The husband named it for me like he always does. The daughter tried to get her two cents in too. Both of them claim to be the master of naming the quilts….I told them when they MAKE  the quilts, they can be the master! 

I used all fabrics that I had on hand for this quilt, and since I’ve been hoarding the Potato Head fabric for 3 years, I feel pretty good about that. Some super cute things are hard to use sometimes. Especially when they aren’t staying at my house!

I completed this quilt in four hours. Started at noon yesterday, broke for lunch and sewed the last binding stitch at 4:10 pm. I sewed the label on today, so 12 minutes for that today. I’m pleased with it. And the baby’s parents loved it! 

And that’s just what we want to hear.

So, since I was in “green” mode, I did this….

And then this morning I thought of something really cool to try, so check back in a couple days….

Have a great Saturday, people!



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