Another Super-Hero quilt is in the works….

Oh yeah, I’m a wee bit tired of looking at the super hero fabric but the husband said,


The cash-ola will support a children’s home that is very dear to us, so of course I will make another Super-Hero quilt. In reality, this is number four. Husband has his and there are two others for a couple little boys that are special to me. So number four is in the works!

I started out making four patch units with these two fabrics. I suppose I could have gone with more subdued, dramatic colors….but I didn’t. After so much “hero” fabric, with the blues and dark colors, I wanted something flashy! Now that I think about it, I think these might be Flash Gordon colors. Without even trying, I’m in the zone!

Here are the hero fabrics (sigh). They are cut to 4.5″ wide x 10″ long. Yes, this is another MSQS pattern. This one is called Four Patch Frenzy. Jenny used a layer cake, but I used yardage, there are about 6-8 pieces of each print, and I had about 13 prints. 

After prepping the four-patches, they are sewn onto the cut pieces. Easy peasy. Just had to make sure the four patches were all sewn on the same way. After a bit I tried to pay attention to directional fabrics, but it got to be too much of a hassle so I stopped.

Here are most of the “blocks.” Yes, this easy peasy unit is called a block! After reading the instructions in my most recent (I think) BLOCK magazine, I realized I could probably get all the (5) rows (of 15) together today. And once I got that done, I could probably slap the rows together too!

So I did.

Not the best shot, sorry. The red and yellow are quite obnoxious, huh? Maybe a border will tone it down?

It should be fun for someone, I hope.

I did have one little boy in mind as I was sewing. He goes to my church and talks Avengers with my husband all the time……

I’d kind of like him to have it.

We shall see.



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