So yesterday I started quilting the husband’s “Super-Hero” quilt. Of course, the basting about did me in!

This quilt is HUGE! At least when one is crawling around on the floor, pinning and pinning for what seems like hours. I think the measurements were something like 68″ x 94″. It’s ridiculous. I mentioned that I might take a row off at the top and bottom and husband about had a cow. So I left it. It’s so long….

The pattern is The Illusion Quilt, by Jenny Doan. It was very easy to piece, so I’d recommend it. But I’d make fewer blocks so it’s not so stinking huge!

And thus, it begins. I decided to quilt it horizontally using the organic lines, since I liked it so much recently. 


It’s way harder to maneuver zillions of inches of quilt through the the machine than a simple little fox face.

I figured I’d finish it up and have it ready for him by mid afternoon.

I was so wrong.

I got almost all of it quilted, in about 2 hours. I have about 7″ to go. And I haven’t made the binding yet, so that too, will take some time.

I liked using the very neutral color of thread. It doesn’t exactly blend in, but it’s not terribly distracting either. I used the same color on the back.

Here is what he chose for the backing.

Figures, huh? It’s going to be quite the quilt.

Believe me, I’m happy he enjoys being a part of my quilting process. And if I worked more on a schedule, instead of by the seat of my pants, maybe I wouldn’t be sick of looking at certain fabrics by the time I get to the quilting point. 

I love piecing. I think most quilters do. I have 11 projects that need to be quilted hanging in the closet right now. But sometimes, not every time, I just get tired of looking at the fabrics and I put the project aside so I can “think” more about what I want to do with it.

Yes, I stall.

I put it off till the last minute and then rush to finish! I’m my own worst enemy.

Good thing I have almost finished a Super hero quilt, to save the day.

“Honey, have you seen my super suit?” (The Incredibles)



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