Snapshots #7 ~Up Up & Away

Ok, I didn’t want to have to make a second block again, so I was very careful with my fabric choices. I tried to make sure I chose smallish patterns and happy colors. And thus, it begins….

I really wanted to use the red (pieces H and I) because I hadn’t since the sewing machine block. So I chose things that matched, as much as one can match a three-color fabric. Oy.

Again, lots of line drawing on the backs of all the 2.5″ squares, but we’re used to this by now, aren’t we, people? Using different colors than those in the pattern, or at least in different PLACES in the pattern makes for some confusion. Especially with this one, where that whole balloon is made up of them! Good golly!

Crazy, right? Once I got them laid out properly, sewing them was pretty simple.

My white bird fabric almost doesn’t work, but I’m not doing this block again.

The last bits of this block are easy peasy! It’s kind of fiddly, sewing 1″ x 1.5″ pieces (the gray ones) but it’s not hard. I love that word fabric.

I did not like the basket fabric, once I got this mostly sewn. So I switched it out. (This green is one that gave me fits in the reject ice cream sundae block, it may have to GO.) I’m much happier with my second choice, even though it makes my block look all “matchy matchy.” I don’t care about that at this point.

Isn’t that nice? I like it.

What? You want to know why that bow is there? It’s covering up a Huge error.

I have no idea how that happened. 

Here’s another idea I had, to avoid unsewing…..

Is it too weird?

Then I did this. (hee hee hee)

They’re just glued on for now. I will be putting something there to cover that up, just not totally decided on what. I couldn’t find rick rack, to use as kind of a kite tail….might need to pick some up and try that.

And here’s the whole enchilada!

I like it. I especially love the pink alphabet fabric, it lends itself well to this sort of thing.

I’ve found that I really only like the vertical apron block. The rest of them aren’t faves. I love all the horizontal blocks, especially the puppy one.

So after I finished the balloon, I made a couple more Scrappy Trip blocks. I can usually get two completely finished in 15 minutes, so I made two.

The two on the left. As much as orange is not a favorite color, it really does a lot for the bottom block.

And don’t those look like olives, up in the top one?

It’s just always fun.



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