Gramma Time! 

Tonight I get to give a quilt to some dear friends! They’re GRANDPARENTS! They have been for a while, and I didn’t send a quilt early on, but since we will be seeing the “Grandpa-man” I’m sending home the gramma quilt with him! (Tanja, if you read my blog, STOP RIGHT NOW!)

First and foremost, every baby deserves a quilt when they go to see their grands. And every baby needs a stuffed piggy to make them smile. I keep both on hand for occasions such as this.

I made this quilt a few years ago, when I was just in the mood to do some simple sewing. It may have been a take on the YBR quilt, I just don’t remember. But it was fun to make, with the bright colors and jazzy fabrics.

The quilting is a free motion loop thing that I do. I don’t worry about crossing over threads, so much less stress that way!

The backing is a Noah’s ark print, and I used a striped binding, which I love to do whenever I can! (Wow, some of those stitches are huge!)

It’s fun to roll up quilts and take this shot. 

As I was “posing” the pig and the quilt, the daughter came running in to take off with the pig. I had to grab it from her! She’s 23, people! The pig has been sitting, waiting for a home for months and TODAY she decides she wants it.

I didn’t let her have it, but I’m going to have to keep an eye on it, I know.

She’s a sneaky one.



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