What’s the Fox Say?

I’ve been able to sew a little almost every day of this very L-O-N-G weekend. Husband was off work for a few days and he forgot all about making me work in the yard (YAY), so I got a few things going on. 👍🏻

First and foremost, I made 22 of these.

Why yes…..they are so stinking adorable I can hardly stand it. 

Making a baby quilt for someone special, so after this post, I won’t be sharing this again until it’s signed, sealed and delivered. (Sorry, baby gramma, it is what it is.) 😉

Choosing colors is a favorite part of starting something new. And when it’s a baby sized quilt, there is little chance of this quilter getting bored. Here is the palette for this one.

Not super babyish, but it WILL be perfect for this baby. As you can see, I used Elizabeth Hartman’s Fancy Fox pattern. I love the way the foxes turn out, but I struggle with the way this pattern is written. There are a couple of things that make it hard for me, so I assigned letters to each piece or section. I used my alphabitties (which have proven to be well worth the $8 I paid for them!) and after completing four blocks, I decided to assembly line it.


Here are the four. As you can see I changed the color of the foxes, and their “muzzles” a.k.a CHEEKS. I used the same fabric for the eyes and nose in each block. 

After laying them all out, I found that the burgundy may not work in the finished quilt. It looks too purple and that’s not what I’m thinking.

But I am excited about finishing this one up.

Next I decided to quilt the reject Snapshots Ice Cream Sundae block that I ended up hating. I found a fat quarter that worked for the backing, layered it with a scrap of batting and then quilted some wavy lines. I’ve been wanting to try this for some time, but I didn’t want to start it on a bigger project and then find that I hate it.

I don’t hate it.


I know I’ve seen it closer together, and maybe not so “right by” the seams….but I like it. And I think I’d do it again on a larger project. The walking foot makes it easy peasy, so I WILL try it again.


A close-up of the binding and backing. I think it’s funny how the stripes make the back look poofy. It’s not. Not at all, but that is one of those optical illusions that trick your brain.

Don’t feel bad. Stripes and wavy lines are meant to be tricksy.



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