Random Blocks

After finishing the Snapshots blocks yesterday, I found some sets of blocks that needed to be sewn together. Call them UFO’s, if you will, I call them random blocks.

The first “random happening” came from leftover “Yellow Brick Road” blocks. I had sewn the actual lap sized top all together, and had bits and pieces left. So instead of keeping them in a pile, I slapped them together too!

They aren’t all the YBR blocks, some are four-patches with a strip on two sides. It all worked out pretty well. Sometime this will be a nice quilt for a baby girl. The colors are so bright and cheery.

Next I decided to put the spool blocks together. I had purchased different sashing a couple weeks ago, got it cut and ready to go, but then I had to pause because I had many things going on. It was nice to get this one to this point, it has been sitting on the hot tub cover for months….


I think solid red would have looked better at the corner stones, but what’s done is done. Not changing it. I still need to figure out another border, but not today.

I’ve saved my favorite for last!

Last year I thought I’d make up my own “jelly roll race” quilt and use certain fabrics and just be all crazy creative! Well, it turned out awful! So I folded up the weirdly long stripped piece and forgot about it. 

For months.

Then I took it out and thought it’d be cool to cut squares out of the strip set.

It kind of wasn’t. Here’s what I ended up with.

I think I had about 17 of them. 

So I put the blocks away until today.

I starched them. All those bias edges, what was I thinking! I laid them out so a diamond pattern was created. Didn’t like it.

So I turned half of them so the strips were all going the same way. It seemed so weird, but I love it. 

I think this is my first modern quilt. Even though it was mostly by accident, I just love it. It’s the same size as the YBR wanna-be, so we’re talking girl baby size.
I also “stay-stitched” (is that what it’s called?) around the bias edges, just so it doesn’t stretch like crazy.


It was nice to get a few things put together that have been lying around for such a long time. Now they’re actual tops and I can can finish them as needed or at my leisure.

I’m hoping to get a few more things sewn tomorrow, but I may not. 

Tomorrow is our 32nd anniversary. We have plans for dinner and a show. So far nothing is pending for the afternoon. 

Unlike 32 years ago.



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