It Finally “Clicked!”

Today I made two more of the Snapshots blocks. Actually, one was a re-do because I did not like my first thought. I love, love, love my second thought. It’s not as bright, but the fabrics play nicely together. As it was before, the process was confusing at first, then it finally clicked. Here is the beginning of my new and improved, Ice Cream Sundae!


It may be silly, wait, it IS silly that I always am quite aware of which fabrics are assigned to the letter “L.” This time it was the cute little 1.5″ pink alphabet squares. And that makes me smile, because my name starts with “L” and I like pink. And, well, I use the alphabet every day….

So here are my three scoops. I’ve decided this is a sherbet sundae, because the colors are more like sherbet than ice cream.

For some reason the first time I sewed the pinks together, the triangles did not match up well.


Fuzzy, I know, but I wanted to show it anyway. It was a very easy fix.


Perfect! But fuzzy, sorry, the rest of the pics aren’t so don’t give up on me!

Love it! I’m pretty sure these fabrics worked better for me because of the smaller scale of the prints. I love the little birds on the green.

Isn’t that the funnest sundae ever!? I’m much happier with this one than the first one I did. Here they are side by side.

See what I’m saying? So many issues with the first sundae. First, the scale of the fabrics; it just needs to be small for this type of thing. All those tiny 1.5″ squares get halved so a large print just doesn’t work. Second, the white and gray topping fabric is cute, but the  design is too spread out, so it too, looks scattered. Third, the green dish and too light pedestal fabric, for the dish; too different and too much pattern again.

So I love the new one!


I also let go of the “cherry fabric” idea. I much prefer the red heart “cherry on top” on the second block. It just doesn’t look so choppy.

So, even though I “had” to make two of these, I love it now. It looks good with the rest of them and I’m anxious to continue working on this project.

And, since I have the pattern and just for fun, I slapped together the camera block!





I got to use the adorable pink fabric that didn’t work on the sundae! I knew it’d be awesome! 

It turned out a tad short, so when I start piecing the top,  I will have to remember that and make up for it with background fabric. 


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a pink camera like this? 




One thought on “It Finally “Clicked!”

  1. That’s so funny that we both flubbed on our first sundae and the second one turned out great!!! I love your camera too 🙂 I made mine but haven’t posted about it yet. I love your little foxes too 🙂

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