Snapshot #6 Start

It’s been a busy time and I finally had a small pocket of time to sew. During the past two weeks I have started a new project (I shouldn’t have but couldn’t resist the fabrics), seen my dearest high school friends, ran crafts for our vacation bible school at church, saw Cinderella (finally!) with my fave girls and visited my parents! 

So today I started the Snapshots block for June. It’s an ice cream sundae, something I haven’t had for over 9 years. It’s so sad, but ice cream just doesn’t agree with me anymore.

But fabric does.

I had a terrible time choosing fabric for the actual ice cream scoops. And I changed my mind on the blue dot At the last minute. Because the scoops are almost the same, there was much confusion for me during production this time.

Yes, I went with the cake fabric instead of the blue dot. Anyway, after getting the pieces together, I decided I’m not crazy about my fabric choices. Except the yellow. I like the yellow.

I also like the green but not so much the pedestal for the dish. But I do like the cherry for the top of the sundae. Yes, I fussy cut it.

So I will be doing this block over. I’ll still use the yellow, but I see that I need more fabrics with smaller prints. It’s a strange block, and probably my least favorite. But that could be my own fault.

This is Tina. She is spending the week with us while her family is hitting the beach and Disney. So far she enjoys snorting, eating and following me around. She’s a sweetheart and it’s nice to have a doggie in the house for a while.

Oh, and she wants my husband to take me to Hawaii. 



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