Puttering. Dilly dallying. Fiddling. 

That’s what I did today. A little bit of everything and I thought I’d share. First I sewed these Scrappy Trip blocks together.

It’s a top portion of a quilt. I don’t have more trip blocks with black running through the centers, so I can’t continue on until I sew some more. And I will need 2.5″ strips so it may be a while before I get a selection to choose from.

Next I decided to put some patterns from magazines into my binder. I’ve been going through old magazines and tearing out the ones I may actually do. I have magazines going as far back as 1998. It’s a slow process, let me tell ya!


It’s a pretty binder, huh? I will most likely need more than one.

I picked up sashing for the spool block quilt, so I cut it and sewed the cornerstones on today. I decided to go with this fun polka dot instead of a solid. Hopefully it won’t be a mistake. Looking at a yard of it while cutting was quite a trip though! Funny how visuals can make one dizzy.

Yes, I fussy cut those little spools on the cornerstones so they’d be all cute and “just so.”

Yeah, then I did this. (eye roll)

Not a big deal. I love how they turned out.

Maybe I’ll get the top together sometime.

I still have a bit left on that spool….

Happy sewing, friends!



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