i got to sew this day

Remember when little kids would say “This day” instead of “Today?” I think it’s sweet. And it makes perfect sense so we adults, who speak oh so properly, shouldn’t correct them!

So, I got to sew a little “this day.” It was nice to not really have to think and just slap a couple strips together. I noticed I’m almost out of thread, so I’ll need to get my hiney to Joann Fabrics to get some more white.

I really should cover my machine every time I leave the sewing room, but I don’t. And the micro-lint tells the tale.

So this project is still “in the works.” I haven’t gotten any black fabric to use as sashing yet, so it’s still laid out on the hot tub cover. (Yes, we have a hot tub under that cover but haven’t ever used it.) Maybe I’ll check Joann’s for that too.

The cute little quilt pile in the top right corner of this ⤴️ picture is something I started and never quite finished. You never do that, do you? Maybe that is the look I was going for, I don’t recall. The background doesn’t really make those fabrics pop, does it? I’ll have to see what fun quilting I can come up with. One of these days…

I don’t have a border on it yet either….

I guess that’s about it for today. We’ve got busy times coming up the next few weeks, so sewing and blogging will be sporadic. All good things, but the days are full.

I hope YOU get some sewing in this day. Or the next one.



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