Pet Peeves

I just finished watching a tutorial I found on Facebook and it unfortunately reminded me of things that really make me feel like being a meanie. A bossy meanie. Thought you should be informed.                                       

                                     So, here we go!

  • Threads. I absolutely HATE loose threads! There is absolutely NO reason to have threads hanging off blocks!  This is why we have scissors. Scissors and clippers and even unsewers (aka seam rippers) have a purpose and it has EVERYTHING to do with thread. Cut. Them. Off. Sewing machines nowadays even have a little spot, usually near the back on the left, to cut those threads! High end machines have it built in! Why? BECAUSE NOBODY LIKES LOOSE THREADS!  Seriously. Nobody.
  • Unsafe Rotary Usage. This one is DANGEROUS, people! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen tutorials where the person DOES NOT SAFETY THEIR BLADE! The whole time I sit there thinking, “Slide it shut, please don’t cut yourself, put it away!” Once they leave their blade is out, I’m not even paying attention any more. So far I have not cut myself badly with a getaway blade. THIS IS BECAUSE I PUT IT AWAY…EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I do have a rotary cutter that is a “pressure cutter.” So when I put it down to cut, it pops out all by itself. And this is a great thing, I love it. But when I use it for a while, I get lazy about closing the regular one. So I really have to pay attention, but when it comes to my own safety, I kinda will.


  • Fusible Batting. Come on, who has an ironing board big enough to make this a good idea for a human sized quilt? I can see using this product for table runners, placemats, small wall hangings…..but for quilts? I just don’t get it. Whenever I have tried to do it, usually for a baby quilt, I end up with puckers or mini-folds. It just makes me grouchy. Maybe there’s a secret I don’t know, but for me, complete harassment city.
  • Charm Packs or Layer Cakes with 3-4 of each  print. I want them to be all different! (She said in a whiney voice!) When I order something without reading the entire description and end up with duplicates, I just feel so annoyed. I want every fabric to be unique and individual! Another issue I’ve had with a charm pack or two is a “nowhere near a 5″ square” piece. Oh, I really hate it when that happens.


  • To pin or not to pin? Yes, this is the question. I don’t have THE answer, but I’m tired of being told, “Don’t sew over pins, it’ll kill/break/destroy your machine,” and “Go ahead and pin, it just takes a sec to pull them out.” When in reality, I don’t have that kind of time! So far my machine hasn’t died, and I’ve sewn over many pins, kind of an involuntary manslaughter thing. And if I do pin and try to pull them out, I hate that screechy, slidey resistance scraping metal on metal noise. Yep, just tired of all the pin talk.
  • Just. I’ve touched on this before. Quilters who say just, people who say just…..they just gotta stop! “Just” today I was talking with two ladies about quilting. One has a sister who quilts, the other started a quilt years ago and still has it in her “baggie.” (I know she’ll get to it one day.) This quilting thing, it can be overwhelming for some. It looks difficult, there’s a bunch of math, and time…serious time comittment going on. So if quilting is so intimidating to some, why in the world do we say “just” when describing what we do? JUST stop doing that.


  • New Fabric that I don’t have and I want it. Yeah, this really bugs me a lot. There are so many fabrics that I know, they want to come to my house, but I know they may not. Alas, one cannot have it all. I’ve read the quote, “Whoever dies with the most fabric wins.” Load of hooey, that is. I recently read, on a blog that fabric has gotten too expensive for that blogger to buy. I can relate, for sure. Especially when the husband notices and isn’t ignorant of our investment in cotton. But, oh how I love shopping for fabric. And I mostly love bringing it home with me. If you die with the most fabric, guess what! You can’t take it with you, so use it!
  • Bias Binding. All of the first quilts I made have bias binding. Sewn on by machine, stitched down by hand. And I’m going to toot my own horn a little, I was good at the hand stitching. Invisible, tiny stitches. But this isn’t about that, this about this: bias binding is nice, even awesome for certain projects, but I seldom go thru that hassle anymore. If the binding starts to wear, well, the quilt is being used and is loved. That’s what it’s for! Now, curvy edged quilts…that’s another story. A story I don’t write.

Well, I guess that’s enough griping, huh? I’m sure there are other things that I could add to this list, but I’ll leave it as is for today.

Have a great week, friends.



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