Scrappy Trip

Today I finally got to sew for a bit. I did not feel like thinking much, so I started out pressing some stray 2.5″ strips. I finally had a decent pile together so I grabbed a few to slap together to do a couple “scrappy trip around the world” blocks. I figured I may as well take some pics while I was at it. If you haven’t given this a try yet, I hope you will. Lots of bang for the buck.

I started with strips (the 2.5″ ones) that were 16″ long. I chose the lighter brown as a “focus” print, because that’s just how I do it.

I figured I was safe using cream, pink, aqua and another brown. Pink and brown was soooo in style several years ago, remember? I still love it. Just because some people are done with it doesn’t mean I am.

So the first thing to do is sew those strips together. I do this like any normal human would, in pairs. I do not press yet.


And here are all six strips, sewn together. I still don’t press at this point. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture below, but it’s at this point that we sew a tube. The dark pink and aqua fabrics….they get sewn together. It’s important to check them to make certain they don’t get sewn together all wonky. I try to line up the straight edges but if it makes it weird, I adjust it.

After sewing the last strips to each other, the set should look something like this.


And no, I still don’t press yet.

On the cutting mat, I try to line up the straighter edge of the strips set with a vertical line. It doesn’t matter which line. The top of the set should be straight along the horizontals on the mat.

I trim a sliver off, just to make sure it’s nice and straight. After this, I cut six 2.5″ sets. They will all look and be the same. There will be a bit of extra at the end. I always think I could do something with the little bits, but I don’t.

It’s at this point that we un-sew. On purpose. 

I work from right to left. For the first strip set (because now there are six!) I unsew at the light brown/aqua seam and then lay it out.

Then based on this first strip, I will unsew between the aqua/dark pink seam.

Doing this will put the aqua square at the top of the last strip, next to the light brown. Next I unsew the dark pink/dark brown seam.

This puts dark pink at the top. See what else is happening? So way cool. Next I unsew dark brown/light pink, which moves dark brown to the top.

Just two more to go.


Okay, so now we have six strip sets. And just because we have them laid out this way doesn’t mean they have to be sewn together this way. I like the light brown “focus” fabric in the middle, but what if I move a couple strip sets?

It’s pretty easy to change it up and see which six should be the main diagonal super star. I like the dark pink. Are you surprised? HA! If you know me at all, you’re really not.

As you can see, I’ve sewn the strips together and still haven’t pressed yet. But it’s at this point that I do. Yes, it’s time!

Happy? I am. My nicely pressed, starched block. And lots of strings.

But wait, there’s more. I started making these blocks a couple of years ago, so I had some laying around, waiting to become “something.” 

In reality, four of these blocks plus a border would be a cute baby quilt. I’ll need to keep that in mind. So I sewed these four together, and will probably need to make a few more before I can sew a whole quilt-ful.

This is a very forgiving block. The seams can be manipulated so they nest and oppose and all that awesome, quilty jargon. This is why I don’t press until the very end. It just works for me. Maybe that’s how everyone does it, I don’t know.

This is my favorite.

So very cute. And the carrot too. 

I hope this bit of info gives some encouragement about trying this block. It’s great for leftover strips. Actually, the ones I used this time were pieces of binding that were too long. I just pressed the folds out and trimmed them down. 

Easy peasy! Try it!

I dare ya!



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