Quilt Sighting Today!

Stopped in a little sandwich joint today and there was a quilt on the wall! Very unexpected and very fun for me!

At one time I had a bunch of this type of fabric. I made two very simple quilts with it and just got tired of the look. We’ve even donated those two quilts, so they’re not even here any more. 

I look at these 30’s reproduction fabrics and think about how sweet they are. Reminding me of cute little smocked dresses and pretty, old fashioned quilts. Almost makes me want to get some more of them again.

But I won’t. I know I’ll just grow weary of them too quickly and wonder why I did it again. As much as I like them, I know me. 

Since they aren’t a top fave….like Riley Blake fabrics, or Sweetwater fabrics, or fun stuff by Moda….I find I have a short attention span lately, I can skip getting these again right now.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate this sweet quilt. And I love that it’s hanging up in a prominent spot in the little restaurant. 

Quilt sighting indeed!



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