These Guys & Another Thing Too

I’ve been busy with good things this week, so sewing some today was a treat. I started out doing more of these guys….

They’re trimmed and ready for the paper to come off. It’s nice to just have these handy dandy all the time.

This is what I’ve got sewn together so far. Once I have a decent pile, I’ll add to it. But not today because…

I remembered the MSQC tutorial from yesterday and decided to give it a try. The hard part was choosing which charm pack to use. 

So I chose the background first, that way I’d be limited on what would work. Booya! 

I looked at the brights, like Fancy and Citrus something or other, and the burlap charm, and nothing was working. I realized that I especially loved the small squares that were almost the same color as the background, which is really weird for me. 

So I picked Eclectic Elements. It was perfect for what I felt like doing today. I love the clocks, the receipts, the cursive handwriting….it’s just a way cool fabric line.

The bright mats really make the fabrics look grungy, but that IS much of its charm! (See what I did there?) I laid out what I could on the counter and really ended up just doing half at a time.

Looking just like I’d hoped!


I’ve got all eleven rows ready to press and sew. They may or may not go together as I have them stacked, I’ll decide as I sew.

I love easy projects.



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