Grandpa’s Nappy & alphabet soup

The baby quilts are done!

I decided to take pics of these quilts outside, and it was windy! Neither one fell off the railing on the deck, but it was close.

So…..alphabet soup.

Simply made and simply quilted. I figure this quilt will spend more time on the floor, the grass or the beach so I didn’t go all crazy making it “just so.”

I think it’s pretty cute. I love the blue, green and yellow focus with that little touch of red that is actually a truck, a tree and a star.

My husband has become great at naming the quilts I make, so I asked his opinion this time too.

So. Much. Fun. The only hand sewing I do is the label on the quilts. Sigh.

A little sample of the quilting on this guy. Wavy lines are my thing these days. Love ’em!

Next up is “Grandpa’s Nappy” (named by the husband, thank you very much). This one is smaller but will still work well for a little guy on grandpa’s floor.

I love the scrappy binding. I’ve got to do that more! 

As you can see here, I also used the wavy line stitch to sew the binding down. I sew it on the back, then flip it to the front. It just works for me.

I quilted loops and my signature (ha!) cursive capital L’s all over this one. Saying something is “my signature” is a sure way to make it seem fancy.

So, ooo la la.

Kinda fun with the loops and sunshine. Celebrating my BIL’s new status as a grandpa is a joy for us. I pray this little guy blesses all the lives he’s touched.

Hoping to get this in the mail tomorrow!

Now, on a side note, lookit what’s happening in my yard with absolutely no help from me!


Lilacs and peonies. I wasn’t sure the lilac bush/tree/whatever it is would bloom this year. I really trimmed it down like a crazy person last fall. And the peonies usually bloom by early June, just in time for husband’s birthday. Always fun to shake the ants off and bring some inside.

So, have a good week, friends.



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