To Trim or Not To Trim…

Remember the baby quilt with the “City” fabrics?

Yes, this one. Well, I quilted it today, in less than an hour. I did a squiggly line on all the seams. Well, my machine did, I just supervised. 

And there it is – just

I do hate that word when it comes to quilting. 

Quilters use it when they’re trying to appear humble – “Oh, I just threw that together in an afternoon” or “I just followed the pattern” or “It didn’t take long, I just love to sew.”

People who live with quilters use it too – “Since you’re at the machine anyway, would you just fix my shirt/pants/zipper/button/thingy?” Or “Can you just make a quilt real quick for some person?”

Totally clueless people use it all the time. “I just buy my blankets at the store.” “I just don’t have time to sew, it’s so much work.” “Just do it.” (LOL, threw that last one in as a joke.)

But I digress. 

So I quilted at the seams.

I used a light gray thread on the top and a less light gray on the back. I thought about doing another bunch of squiggly lines from top to bottom, but I decided not to. 


And this is how much I was short on the backing. I decided I could live with it. I didn’t want to trim off that quarter inch so I’m making the binding wider than I usually do. It’s the blue dot fabric in the photo.

I think this will be a cute little quilt, once I get it completed. I’m excited to work on the next one though. 

And I can’t hardly wait to make my Snapshots block for May! The weekend is coming!



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