First I did this, then I did that


This is That. The second thing I did today. I got about ten of these little cuties together, but not trimmed or pressed. Like I said, this is one of the ongoing projects that I work on when I don’t feel like thinking.

Here’s This.



Two baby quilts, basted and ready for quilting. (No, didn’t sew on Mother’s Day as planned, I took a nap after eating out for lunch and before eating out for dinner.) 

I used a batting I haven’t bought in a while, I think I remember why….

But these are going to California so I think it will be fine.

After crawling around on the floor, pinning and pinning and sticking myself 4 times (you’d think I’ve never done this before!) I finally finished. 

I’ll still need to make a binding for the strip quilt, probably will go with the blue dot. I have a tiny bit left and I like to use something that’s in the quilt. I had just enough to of the “city” fabric to use for the back. Seriously, it was close, people. Once I start quilting I may even find that some of the top will need to be trimmed away, because it was that close. 

And of course, as usual, I have a weirdo sized piece of batting leftover. I save them for table runners, placemats and coasters. And sometimes I sew the pieces together for a quilt. One of these days I’m going to con somebody into buying me a whole big roll of batting. I’ve priced them on Amazon and it’s not so bad.

Hopefully I will have these quilted and bound very soon. I really want them in the mail yesterday.

Have a good day, friends!



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