Baby Quilts!

It has been weeks since I’ve been able to sew, so today was such a blessing for me! I’ve got babies to sew for, friends! I gathered up some “groups” I had put together a while ago to figure out something for a baby boy.

So much to see in this pic! Two jelly rolls: Oink a Doodle Moo and Oh Deer, a sock monkey group, Mr Potato Head group, bulldozer group and the group I call “city.” I like them all, but when I got started today, I wanted EASY! So I went with the Oh Deer jelly roll. I decided to make the Jelly Roll Jam quilt by Fat Quarter Shop again. It was fast and easy once before, it would be again!

Here are my strip sets, six fabrics per set. I did not include the pink deer strips, because the baby is a boy. I cut them to size and started sewing the blocks together. This is such a great pattern, just 9 blocks make a great sized baby quilt!

I really like it. Simple and bright. I used four strips from the jelly roll for binding, and found a pretty blue and cream fabric for the back. I figure that I will use something else for binding when I use up the rest of those jelly roll strips.

So this quilt is for my niece’s new baby boy. Since my niece had a baby, this makes my brother-in-law a grandpa. So yes, I will be making him a “Grandpa Quilt.” I haven’t done one for a grandpa yet, but I’ll make an exception here. 

These are the fabrics I decided on for quilt #2 today. I love them! I didn’t want to add red, because I just really liked this combo without it. I tried  gray too, but it just didn’t float the boat. And trying to be fast about what I’m doing here, because I’d like to get these in the mail this week, I decided to just do a strip quilt. 

Yes, I said it. JUST.

I saw a very cute strip quilt online recently, so I figured I could do that. I cut the strips between 3.5″ and 5″. I only used a couple strips of the yellow eyeglasses fabric because I only have 1/2 a yard of it. Less now…. So yes, I just sewed strips together. But they are C-U-T-E!

Strip after strip, just making sure all the directionals are going the same way.

This was after pressing. I think my favorite strip is the alphabet one.

Although this green/blue plaid is super cute!

I’m actually thinking that I will give this strip quilt to my niece for the baby, and the jelly roll/oh deer quilt to the BIL/gramps. I think Oh Deer looks more like it could be for a boy OR a girl. He might have more grandchildren coming, who knows?

Hoping to get them both basted tomorrow. Yes, Mother’s Day in the sewing room. Should JUST be fun!

And a Happy Mom’s Day to my mom, the sweetest rose in the garden.



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