T-Shirt Quilts x 3 = Cranky Lady

Since I have NOT been able to get in my sewing room this week and it makes me kinda cranky, I thought I’d share something else that made me cranky.


Ugh! I have made three, and may have to make a few more before too long. The first one was made for a very special young lady when she graduated from high school 6 years ago.


The girl loves purple, but NONE of the shirts were that color. So the binding is. My good friend Frances quilted this (actually all three of them) on her longarm machine. She informed my that the interfacing I used was way too heavy and made things difficult. I decided then that I would ONLY make these quilts for “favorite” people.

Thankfully my daughter didn’t want one for her graduation. I think she didn’t want to give up the shirts! So it was a few years later that I made another one, for another special girl.


This one was a little easier for Frances to quilt, but I made WAY more work for myself, trying to make it cool and artsy. Plus I put a border on it because it was a weird size without it. 

The next one was for “purple binding’s” sister. This girl is also special to our family. 


This might have been the coolest one. I love the 2 long, thin strips of shirt in the center. But no border here, didn’t need it.

My husband says I just don’t get how much the kids love these quilts. I guess I understand it on a memory type of level. And I don’t know if I would have wanted one when I graduated many moons ago. Honestly, I was not thinking about such things when I was 18. But I know these three girls  young women love their quilts. And I’m happy I made them for them, but the whole process is one I don’t enjoy.

Cutting up stinky old shirts, attaching interfacing, cutting to size, sewing slippery shirts together in a fun design, making a backing, quilting (which my friend did, thank you, Frances!), binding then labeling. Just not my favorite process. I think because the shirts aren’t pretty fabrics that I love.

BUT the thank you cards I receive are heartfelt and sweet. How many 18 year olds do that

Worth the time, worth the effort, worth the smiles.



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