Sweet Sunday


So late in posting this today! I made this quilt MANY years ago, following a pattern almost EXACTLY as it was shown. These are Susan Branch fabrics from years ago, when the first batch of them were available. I love them.

I love this quilt. It’s been hanging in my kitchen since we moved to this house 11+ years ago. There are so many “firsts” involved in this little quilt.

It was my first attempt at fusible appliqué. And satin stitching. Won’t do that again, but the pattern said it’d be nice so back then, pre-rebel days, that is what I did. 

It was the first and ONLY time I ever put prairie points on a quilt. I don’t hate them, but for me, totally frivolous for this quilt. 

Free motion quilting, on a small scale. Ugh! I remember struggling so much with this. At the time I did not have my friendly neighborhood BSR foot. But it got done anyway.

And of course, back in the day, every quilt’s binding was sewn down by hand. So much has changed for me. I haven’t sewn a binding by hand for over two years. Reasons are twofold: I get cramps in my hands and thumb, and I like the speed of the machine. 

So, I love this little wall hanging. The “thing” hanging with it is a little Amish dress we picked up years ago in Shipshewana. I didn’t think to include it fully for the pic. 

Hope your week starts out happy, people!



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