Snapshot #4 is IN the House!

Oh my goodness, I think this is my favorite block! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this puppy in a present! Actually, it looks like a bowl, but that would just be silly! I had a hard time choosing fabrics for this one, because I wanted the puppy to kind of match the puppies from our life. Once I found the “bowl” fabric, the bow gave me trouble, so I went with a softer look than the big red bow on the actual Snapshots quilt.


Most of my pieces. I didn’t think to take a picture at every step, because I was having a blast! 

Until. I. Did. This.


Can you spot it without me telling you? Look at the iPad screen, then at mine. (Sniff…).



Yeah, so I fixed it.


It was a simple mistake and I’m glad I noticed it before going much further.  I had to unsew 3 seams, so it could have been much worse. The rest was smooth sailing!


Here are the bow and “bowl” pieces, all laid out nice and neat. It’s important to follow the instructions about which way to press the seams in each block. Even though it seems weird to press toward the little skinny sections, it really helps in the overall construction of the block. Just sayin’.


Booya! No eyes yet, but I’ll get some on there at some point. The pattern suggests little black buttons. We’ll see. 

Here are pics of my puppies. They are in puppy heaven now, but they were dearly loved and are so very missed every day.


Isabella on the left, Zack on the right.

We love puppies at my house. I love this puppy block. It’s my favorite.

It makes my heart smile.



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