Throwback Thursday

Not much sewing going on this week, so far. Thought I’d share these quilts that I made for an auction in 2012. So we’re throwin’ back, but only a couple years!


The first one I originally started over ten years ago for the husband. He didn’t like the white, so I stopped. Back then he asked if I could take the white out, and put “a different color.” I said “no” and put it away for ten years or so. Sometimes that’s just necessary. I was annoyed at this quilt because the oriental fabrics just weren’t my favorite. They still aren’t, but he likes them, and I like him…..

The second one was lots of fun to make. Many, many four-patch blocks set on-point, bordered with a light background fabric, then a cute binding. Loved this quilt. 

Now I will tell you a secret. My mom wasn’t able to attend the auction, but she sent a check with me with the instruction that if there’s anything she’d like, get it. 

Friends, sometimes auctions are wild and fun, other times they are just sad for quilters. At this particular auction, one never knows how it’s gonna go. If there are tons of quilts, the bids are low. If there are only a select few, sometimes they’re higher. (The auction is for a children’s home, a very excellent cause.) The economy also plays a part. Well, this year (2012) the auction had tons of quilts. They were going for nearly nothing, not even really covering the cost of the supplies. Even though it shouldn’t, it always makes me mad. We aren’t there to “get a deal.” We’re there to raise money for the kids.

So yes, I bid on my own quilt with my mom’s money. She got it too! It was just too pretty to let go for under $100.

The last one, using Mary Engelbreit fabrics, was made quickly in an afternoon or two. I loved the colors and that pattern is one of the easiest to do. This quilt went for $60 at the auction. Like I said, barely covering the supplies.

So now, I don’t put quilts in the auction anymore. There is a dinner every year, honoring the people who work at the children’s home. My husband and I bring raffle tickets and each employee gets one ticket. Two quilts are given to two lucky winners. 

This way I don’t get annoyed at what seems like piddly amounts of money. This way the staff knows how much they’re appreciated. This way I still get to make quilts for a worthy cause.

Win, win.



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