My Winnings & a Michigan Quilt Shop Experience

We spent the weekend in Michigan recently, and I got to visit my favorite quilt shop while we were there. I’ll tell about that in a sec….FIRST, lookit what I won two months ago and it’s finally arrived!


It’s a red Itsy Bitsy Pixie (1.5″ strips) and a fat quarter pack of darling angel fabrics by RJR Fabrics! So fun! I had entered a picture on Facebook for a  Valentines Day contest, and they picked my pic! Most people entered pics of quilts with a heart theme, but the contest details weren’t specific, so I put in a pic of two of my favorite dudes! My husband and my 14 month old nephew. It was darling, and it won, along with a yellow quilt with hearts on it! Go figure! 

And yes, it was two months ago! Apparently the fabric became very popular and the patty cake I was supposed to get was sold out. So they changed it up and sent me the above goodies! So generous and so awesome! Love RJR Fabrics!

So, Country Stitches in East Lansing, Michigan is a shop with such variety, it’s hard to know where to look first! I don’t get there much at all, because we don’t live there, but whenever we visit the MIL, we go! I picked up a couple of nice fabrics, all from the sale shelves. 


I love the fabric with the words on it! It goes with a few I picked up in Shipshewana in February so that’s exciting! The husband likes the Japanese fabrics so I got a yard of that red. And the bright one, hanging on the chair back? Oh my goodness, I love it! I bought what they had left, just under three yards, for $6.99 a yard! SCORE!

So, very exciting for me! Back to the shop….I believe Country Stitches has been in business for over 20 years. We started going in around 1998 or so, right when I started quilting. (I just looked at the newsletter, 1982, wow!) It is a lovely shop with something for every quilter. (I am sorry I have no pictures of the store, didn’t even think of it while I was there!)

The selection of Civil War or Thimbleberries fabrics is large, as is the Christmas fabric. There are so many samples all over the store and many kits for sale! They offer fat quarter surprise bags, 5 for $5 so that’s fun too. They carry a wonderful selection of baby themed fabrics and a fair amount of Orientals. One wall has the colors of the rainbow, so that’s always good. Florals are spread all around the store, maybe because it’s Spring. Certains lines seem to have a place of honor, because they’re so pretty and they have every color way. There were tons of kits, large and small, for lap quilts or baby quilts. Quick projects too, like pin cushions and embroidery. 

Books, gadgets, patterns, thread, sewing machines, long arm machines, sales and classes. This store absolutely has it all. And the staff is super friendly, always welcoming to this quilter from Illinois!

After having been to Shipshewana recently, I had already spent my fabric allowance for the quarter (or so I was told) so I stuck to the sale rack, so to speak. Maybe shopping online has spoiled me. Yes, I have to wait for my fabric “fix” but I feel like I can get more bang for the buck. I like that. A lot. 

Again, sorry for the lack of pics, I was just enjoying the view too much to think of it!

Excited to see the April Snapshots block tomorrow, friends. How about you?



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