Ta Da! Three Days!

This is how my day began.


Yep, floor crawling and pinning was how I spent some of my time today. I used to hate binding the most, now I hate this. There is no harder floor, than my basement floor. So, eventually I got the quilt basted.


I used Warm & Natural batting, so I’d only have to quilt 10 inches apart. Ten inches! Yeah, I don’t quilt that far apart on my worst day. Crazy town, that is. After practicing on a scrap, I decided to switch out my quilting gloves. Tell me if you think that was a good idea….


Yeah, they have seen better days. So I broke in some new ones today and they were awesome. I don’t know why I waited so long! I also tried something different today….I left the feed dogs UP while free motion quilting. I do have the BSR foot on my Bernina, and it’s awesome, but I wanted to try this and see what would happen. I honestly didn’t notice much difference.

Oh, there was one casualty today. 


A fuzzy pic, but I have never done that before! I was so tired and just wasn’t totally paying attention while running my power tool with thread. Speaking of thread, three and a half bobbins! Good golly, I thought two would do, but I was so wrong. Here’s a shot of some of the quilting, such as it is. 


Some of those stitches are rather long but I don’t think it’d snag a toenail. I had watched one of Leah Day’s tutorials on quilting some different shapes, and wanted to try one. Not perfect, but not hideous either. Leah has a zillion tutorials online, so check them out!

Finally it was time to trim the back and extra batting down to size…


I look at this and think, “why did I pick yellow thread?” Too late to change anything now! I guess I picked yellow because brown, green and purple were too dark. And I didn’t want the stark contrast of white or cream colored thread on the darker colors. So that left yellow, which is bright on brown, but I liked it best. It’s just now, after its done that I question some decisions.

Other questions: the “sparkler” fabric is awesome, I think, but the husband didn’t like it. Should I have used it? Absolutely! He can have his opinion, but I’m right this time. Another thought, the triangles added to the corners to “snowball” my plain squares, necessary? No, of course not. But they certainly make this quilt more interesting than a bunch of seven inch squares sewn together. Last, the binding, which I’ll show you in a sec….was it the best choice? Absolutely! It was the leftover fabric from the sides of the backing, and I only needed four strips to bind this quilt! Sure, the words are sideways and weird, but if I had cut the binding the regular way, from selvege to selvege, I would have needed seven strips! And the words would have been longways, which would be weirder still. So there you have it!


Sewing the binding on….

I still have the label to sew on, but I will do that tomorrow sometime. If you saw my last post, you may realize that this quilt was completed (except for the label being sewn on) in three days. And it’s not small. 54 x 73.5″ to be exact. I can’t believe I did it! It’s no work of art, but it’s not too shabby either!

I’ll have a picture of the finished quilt after the weekend. We’re headed out of town and because I’ve been sewing like a maniac, I haven’t packed yet.

But the quilt is done.

And I did it!



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