“Can you make a quilt for my aunt?”

This is what he asked me Monday night, four days before we will see his aunt. (Yes, four, as in 4!)

My response? I can try.

And try I am! Of course he already had the fabrics picked out, and I found another that makes the whole group sparkle, but there was no plan. 

It started out with some panel pieces, which I hate to use but that’s what he picked. We had chosen supporting fabrics some time ago, to go with these panel pieces, but I put off doing this project because it’s a lot of dark colors. Then I found the sparkler and got a wee bit excited. I still had no pattern in mind, so I slept on it.

Tuesday I had a plan! Of course I was making more work for myself, which was really dumb because of the lack of time,  but if I’m going to make a quilt for a special aunt, it needs to be a nice one. At some point the husband called while I was prepping and asked why I didn’t “just” do something easy? 

I hate “just.” There is no just in quilt making. You do it or you don’t.


My prepped pieces before I “snowball” them. See the pretty ones towards the back? Hello, sparklers! I always wondered what in the world I’d do with that fabric and its like it was made for this project.


Maybe it’s weird, but I made all the corner squares different sizes. I hate dealing with bumpy seams, so this avoids some of that. Booya. (Still not crazy about the dark colors.)

By last night all the snowballs were on and I had trimmed away the extra. This morning I pressed them and laid them out.


By early evening, I’ve got the rows sewn together and two large sections to sew together. 


I hade to stop to see about dinner and nurse a headache. Always something. But I’m getting there. Here is a close up of one of the panel pieces.


The fruits of the spirit. I think this may turn out okay, if I start early tomorrow and don’t do anything else!

Setting a very bad precedent again. Making a quilt in less than three days is not recommended. 

We’ll see how it goes.



3 thoughts on ““Can you make a quilt for my aunt?”

  1. Oh hey! That looks just great. The fabrics and design go together perfectly. Hats off to you for rising to the challenge. Hope you complete it in time!

    Liked by 1 person

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