One out of Three….

My sewing adventures went badly today. Only one thing out of three went right, and the one thing was this –


I sewed the fake fur back onto an army green hood for my husband. Apparently he asked me to do this for him three years ago. I don’t remember this at all. He couldn’t even remember WHY he wanted it on there, but he “must have had a reason” so he asked me to do it today. And I did. AND I got to use my new clover clips! They were awesome. And I better see him wearing that hood!

The next two things did not go as well. In January I made some Spool blocks following the tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Jenny. I also had the pattern in one of my Block magazines AND I found it before starting the project! So once I got the blocks finished, I needed to put that project away because some other things came up. I got it out today and cut the pieces for the sashing between and the corner stones. I arranged my rows and started attaching the sashings.


I hate it. I am going to unsew this row and add black sashing. The directions AND Jenny’s tutorial use a solid color, which should have tipped me off, but I don’t always catch things the first time around.

Stupid lines. The fabric is super soft, but this just doesn’t work at all.

So I moved on to the next thing. And here is my disclaimer: I am angle-y challenged. Jenny Doan says she is all the time, and I believe I am too. Read on….but please don’t laugh. It seemed like it’d work….


Remember these little houses? Well, after sewing the doors and windows down, then pressing I kind of threw them onto the mat and they landed almost like this. Not quite, but wouldn’t that have been cool!? Anyway, I fiddled around a bit and thought, “this could work.” 


It seemed pretty reasonable. The hexie template fit in the middle. It was a little large, but it fit sorta. I could make it smaller….probably.

So I sewed some sample half hexies together, and they looked awesome!


So I  just needed to figure out the space between the houses. Triangles. Ugh. 

I found a triangle shaped ruler that I’ve used maybe twice and tried to figure out the size needed. Since the houses are 5 inches, I started with that. 

Wrong, too big. So then I went to 4.5 inches and that worked better for me.



It seemed to fit well and the seam at the roof looked alright.


Pressing the roof seam open worked out well. I figured I was home free!


So I just kept adding them on until they were all connected! I pressed them and laid it out on my mat….


So. Not. Happy. Obviously I was going to deal with the center hexie issue later, but OH MY GOODNESS! It is just ridiculous! 


A nice side view for ya. And Mr. Lay all nice and flat over there in the background. 

I thought I was being really creative and clever, and I still think this would be very cute, but I am way better at following instructions than experimenting with “inventing” a way to make this work. 

So tonight I will spend my time unsewing this too. Oh well, live and learn. 

At least the fur hood thing is fabulous. (Eye roll)



One thought on “One out of Three….

  1. The one that’s between the elephant print and the house is really pretty. It has a lot of white, but whoever you have it for will like it. Is that the one your Dad had so much to say about? It’s very nice, he doesn’t know, lol.
    I want to see My SIL in that fur too. Is he expecting to be cold? Hmmm


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