Welcome Bryson!

I just finished your quilt today and just in the nick of time, you were born last night! I just need to secure the label and send it on its way. I believe I have plagiarized (wow, is THAT SPELLED RIGHT? Looks really weird!) in the naming of the quilt, but that can’t be helped at this point, it’s written in permanent marker so it’s OVER!


I’ll be sewing it on tonight. I used a strange gray fabric for the border and binding, but it really lent itself to the colors in the quilt. The mama said Bryson liked blue and gray, and the gray reads both. Pretty tricksy, indeed.


It just worked for me. I also did a little something different with this quilt. In the pieced areas I did a loopy stipple. It’s not perfect, but it softens the boxy look of the quilt as a whole. By the time I was set to quilt the border, I was ready for something pointy. So I did kind of a zig zag thing. By the third side I was done with that too.

I like to use gloves to grip and move the quilt while I’m quilting. I have several pairs of the blue ones Fons & Porter put out some time ago. There’s a hole in the left pointer finger, and the grippy things have worn off the thumbs, so I guess it’s time to let them go. I can usually do everything necessary while wearing the gloves, so they are really a help for me.



Aren’t these fabrics darling? I had a Roly Poly and didn’t even use all of it. I took out anything that was a duplicate or looked girly. Might have used 18 strips. This is the Jelly Roll Jam pattern available for free at the Fat Quarter Shop. It was easy and fun.


I believe I took out the orange, yellow and most of the weird green fabrics. Keeping the plaids, teal, navy and any strip that had gray in it. 


Okay, much of the time, especially for a baby quilt which will be washed over and over again (and that’s the nicest thing that will happen to it!) I will machine stitch the binding. Not only when I’m connecting it, but also when I’m folding it over to finish it. My stand-by stitch is a wavy line which is VERY forgiving. But this time I wanted something different. This is a third baby for my friends, he needs something unique. So I used this cool stitch, #126 on my machine. I don’t really know what to call it, but it took about 2 minutes per side. I think it looks fun and I like it! I hope Bryson does too!


Here are pictures of the quilts I made for the big brother and sister years ago when they were new.



Fun times. Babies give such joy. I just found out yesterday that my most longtime friend from high school (I was going to say oldest, but she reads this blog and would have a COW!) is going to be a grandma this year. She has been for a while, but this time it’s her daughter having the baby. Makes it pretty special for her no matter which way you slice it.

 So I have several baby quilts in my future, just the way I like it!




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