He Returns Bearing Gifts….

Lately the husband has had to travel for work WAY more than I would like. But when he returns, he brings us presents. 


Last year when he went to Japan for the first time, I gave him an assignment AND directions to a fabric store. (Yes, I am helpful and thoughtful that way.) Friends, it was the first thing he bought! He texted me WAY early in the morning, like 4 am to tell me, “Got your fabric.” 

What a fabulous man!

So without further blah, blah, blah…here’s what he got me that first time.



The first one is my favorite. Can you see all the pink?! I love it. He also picked up some authentic Japanese fabrics. Not my fave, but he loves them.


That top one with the blue flowers is silk. Very fine and very slippery.

Then the man had a trip to Ireland. Yes, he goes many places for his job. Besides delicious white tea, he picked up these fabrics for me. He believes they’re pretty ugly.


I agree with him, but the third one from the left is actually more interesting than I thought at first. But still kind of ugly.

Recently he went to Japan two more times. He didn’t have time to shop for fabric on one of the trips, but he did on the last one. He brought home lots of goodies! 



Candies made with green tea! How cool is that!



Okay, he LIKES the wasabi pistachios. Weird freak man. The adorable round ones we haven’t tried yet, but the packaging sure is cute.


He got the daughter and I hair decor. Mine is the barrette with the sparkles, hers is the stick thing. Good that it came with instructions, huh?

Ok, finally the fabric he got me this time…..


This is a heavier weight cotton, a remnant that he liked. I like it too.


Remember he likes Japanese fabrics? He really does. Two of these were remnants, two he picked out. Not bad. He said its kind of weird to shop for fabric there. Usually here, in the US, we grab the bolts, take it to a person and say how much we want and they cut it. He said that there the fabric is displayed in 2 yard cuts. One tells a sales person how much they want, they write it down and cut a bit off the display, then take it to the back. Then they return with your cut fabric. Pretty different. Interesting though.

The last two he got me are so cute, my heart did little flip flops when I saw them!


I KNOW! And he got me two meters of each one!

I am a lucky girl!

Let’s just leave it at that.



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