Moda Love x 2

After wrecking one of the table runners with freaky bad quilting, I decided to make a different type. 

The Moda Love Charm Quilt. I used most of a Fancy by Moda charm pack, and most of a Cotton Supreme Optical White by RJR Fabrics charm pack. The white is so bright and really made the Fancy squares look SUPER BRIGHT!!

I absolutely love this pattern, and I laid it out two different ways to see what I preferred. Here was my original thought. (Oh, and there are my snapshots blocks, acting like big shots….)


My counter is about two rows too short, but you get the idea. And yes, that yellow one on the right is turned the wrong way. Below is the second option…


As much as I enjoy the rainbow action, it just didn’t float my boat for this. I was so glad I took a picture! So I arranged them back, and started pinning. Sewed them together in pairs, then sections then I had long strips.


I didn’t press them until right before I started pinning the strips together. Making certain to press so all seams were opposing went just fine. Now, let me tell you though, I am not a pinner. Pinning has always just slowed me down! Trimming to size too! Thought it was for sissies. 


Until I didn’t trim PROPERLY and didn’t pin….and THIS happened.


I can’t believe I’m even sharing this, it just makes me ill. When I trimmed these half square triangles, I just grabbed a couple and stacked them, and cut willy nilly! I laid them out and grabbed and sewed and pressed and finished and then BLEAH! My points are in Timbuktu! It’s not how it’s supposed to be! 



And the fabrics were so pretty. Sigh. I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do with this. It makes me annoyed at my laziness every time I see it, and it’s too OFF to be a gift. Any ideas, friends?

So, where was I? Oh yes, my nice neat rows of pinned strips. Here they are!


These went together like peas in a pod. Almost perfect!


Whenever I’d get to this point I try to pull out the pin. Sewing over them doesn’t bother me usually, but today, it really really did. Anyhoo, see my little scrappy? That’s my “ender.” Those are handy for me because then I don’t end up with long strings hanging off everything. (#1 pet peeve, that is.) It’s at this point that I remove the pin, grab my stiletto and hold the seam in place.


This keeps my fingers out of the danger zone. Last year I got pinched by the needle screw and there were words. And a bruise. Nothing else, but ouch x 100 million!



And there’s my ender buddy! Usually I call it my starter, but we’re at the end of the strip so it’s an ender. And yes, I forgot to take the pin out. Bad habits are hard to break.



And there we are! Not perfect, but certainly not awful. I sent a pic of this to my family (they like to see what I’m doing) and my dad had a few comments. 

1. The seams show in the white areas.

2. He doesn’t want them to.

3. Too many white spaces.

4. Hide the white.

5. There is a law about the white. 

My dad doesn’t usually comment about such things, but obviously he doesn’t like the white. LOL! But let me say this, he’s had a bad cold all week and I enjoy these feisty comments!


This is my favorite section of the block. I love the design on the red fabric, and pink is my fave color and the blue makes them POP! 

And here’s a little proof that I CAN do it right. Even if there’s too much white.




Again, not perfect but very pretty.

These are some of the prettiest fabrics I’ve worked with in a while. Love the bright cheerful colours. (Yes, I wrote that in French because it’s Fancy.)

This pattern is also available for mini-charms and layer cakes. Moda Love.

Love Moda!



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