Happy Nat’l Quilt Day!

For some reason, I thought national quilt day was last weekend, so I thought I had missed it because of our party. 

But I didn’t!

So I got to sew! And this is what I made!


This is one of the blocks in the Snapshots sew along. I am late in joining the party, but I want to play! And I thought it appropriate to start with the sewing machine block. I’m hoping to get to the others I missed before number four is released!

I actually did an opposite of what the sample was. I like it okay. See my cheesy home-made alphabitties? Yeah, I seriously need to order some real ones. These blow all over the place when I drop stuff. Or huff.

This next pic shows the fabrics I’m planning to use, but don’t hold me to that. Also, the ugly gray shadow over the center of my lovely pink background is me taking the pic. Sorry, didn’t notice it til after I put everything away.


Some of them may have too much pattern, with too much going on. I’ll adjust as I go. I want it to be different than the others I see online.

This went together like a piece of cake. Truly, it took me longer to cut the pieces than to sew them together. At first I was frustrated with So. Many. Pieces. But they fit together like peas in a pod. So awesome! 

I love stuff like this!



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