Handy Dandy

Its been a wild couple of days around here, so it was especially nice to get in the sewing room today. I’d love to call my little sewing room something fancy, like an art studio or design studio, but I don’t. It just doesn’t happen and I just go with sewing room. I guess that’s alright, it’s not like no one doesn’t know what I’m talking about, huh?!

My adventure today started with some of these guys.

I love them. I love the fabrics and the colors. I knew I could use these pieces for a “braid” type of design so I fiddled around for a bit and started sewing. Here is the first braid, using only a small portion of my cut pieces.

Pretty obnoxious, yes? I like it though. So I made two and they really are pretty similar.

To start this braid, a long side needs to be sewn onto a short side. It’s a little funky, and can curve pretty easily, but it is forgiving too. The only thing that I didn’t like so much is pressing after each addition. I actually moved the ironing board so it’d be right next to me. Yes, I was that lazy.

Once a system is developed, its pretty easy peasy. Stitch, press, flip, press, stitch again, repeat. After I’d finished the two braids, I found some bright white fabric sitting in a pile near me. (How handy is that, when one doesn’t want to get up to iron?!) 😀 So I cut some 3.5″ strips for borders. I plan to quilt these so they’re very line-y.

I think the white will be a good fit for that. I put the long borders on first, trying very hard not to stretch the crazy bias edges.

Once they are on, I was sad to see that I had to give up some of my ending fabrics on my braids. Oh well, I guess that was a  “duh” moment but I was still kinda bummed. Here is a pic of the two table runners, side by side.

Well, one is kind of on top of the other, but there we are! I’m happy with them and will finish them up soon. I had a few, well, like 28 half hexies left over, so I looked thru one of my Block magazines and what do I find? Well, I find the directions on HOW to make the braid! Uh huh. So with my leftovers AND my directions, I started making this…

I LOVE IT! I like the first ones I did, but I LOVE this! Why don’t I ever look for directions first? It didn’t even dawn on me to use the pieces in PAIRS! Enough whining, here’s how it ended up.

Gosh I love it!

Okay, so I had some other pieces left over and I know I had seen a little house using the half hexies as the roof but of course, I won’t find the instructions for that until tomorrow or the next day… But that’s never stopped me before! 

Kinda goofy, huh? Here it is after a quick slap it together and quilt it before you change your mind.

I’m gonna sew on that button. It really needs it. The back.

This is a small corner of my last half yard of this fabric in white. Again, it was handy. Today seemed to be the day of the handy.

All these table runners I’ve made lately are gifts for some special Housemoms at a children’s home that isn’t terribly far from here. Some friends and I are putting together Mother’s Day baskets for them. Hopefully they will enjoy the runners and the other goodies we’ll include.

And maybe they’ll think they’re handy.



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