I’ll get you, my pretty….

Baby quilts are so very special, aren’t they? I recently shared some baby quilts that I’d made over the last few years, so I thought I’d share a few more. Between the birthday weekend and celebrating like a maniac, I got zero sewing done ON National Quilting Day. I never do because it’s always on the days we have our party.  But that’s ok, every day is National Quilting Day in my sewing room.

Remember the Gramma Quilt I made for one of my friends? Well, this quilt was given to her grand daughter. I love the floral fabric so much! The pattern is one I’ve done several times for babies. It’s from Quiltmaker magazine, back when they had “one block, big star” patterns for babies. It looks good in any fabric! Actually, here it is in brights! Another grandma quilt.

I made this black, white and limey quilt for a young friend. She had her first baby a couple years ago and this interesting color combo was the theme for the baby girl’s room. At first I thought it was very strange, but the more I worked on it, I loved the fabrics and how well they work together. Lots of fun, this one.

This quilt was given to the grandma of the recipient of the limey quilt above. She was a dear friend who up and moved to Texas. I put some embroidery on this one, to jazz up the black and white. And the frog in the center. 

I gave this quilt to a friend at church, for becoming a grandma. It’s kind of a weird made up pattern that seemed to work when I laid it out. Not super crazy about it now. But she likes it. And her grand girl did too.

Okay, this is not one of my favorites at all. A dear friend’s daughter was expecting a baby AND did not find out the sex of the baby before the baby came. Yes, like in the olden days. I’m all for that, but it makes for an interesting choice of fabrics sometimes. I feel that the quilt cannot be girly in any way, when we don’t know what the baby is. So I choose a theme, in this case doggies, and go with that. Luckily my friend tells me that her grand daughter LOVES this quilt because she LOVES doggies. 

Friends, it always works out eventually.

I loved this fabric. This is another gramma quilt, given to my sister in law, Kim. I felt that she needed one to be AT her house for visits and such. She was surprised. This and the doggie one above are an old stand by pattern for me.

And this is Kim’s grand daughter’s quilt. I absolutely loved making this one, the fabrics were so pretty. I’m guessing I used a charm pack and a bit of yardage for the borders and binding. I don’t recall what’s on the back.

Okay, last one for today – 

See that adorable light bulb fabric? I just loved it! Loved the colors with it and the fun idea of, well, light bulbs! This quilt was given to a baby boy who didn’t have a stable home. I hope he’s still got it, he must be 4 or 5 by now.

Giving quilts to new grandmas has been loads of fun and I wish I had started doing it a long time ago. One of my dearest friends has been a grandma for some time and I didn’t get one to her because I wasn’t doing this regularly yet. But I will when it happens to her again. 

I’ll get you all, my pretty, and your grandchild too! (that’s sounds a lot creepier than I intend, sorry)



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