The Sweetest Rose (Not a quilty blog post, fyi)

Today is my mom’s birthday. Today we make a big deal of her. 

She shies away from such things.

My mom is absolutely the sweetest rose in God’s garden.

She taught me all she could about everything she knows. I didn’t always pay attention though. 

Not until my daughter was starting kindergarten, junior high and high school. And then that daughter became an actual adult. Now my mom is the first one I call for a dose of sanity. She’s been there and done that. (And I’ll tell you what, my daughter is WAY easier to deal with than I was!)

My mom has a calm wisdom about her, that people are just drawn to. I’m so proud of her, of who she is and all she’s ever shared with me. I hope to be more like her as I grow.

My mom has the best sense of humor and loves laughing with her kids and grands. My mom’s family is FULL of her favorite people in the world…and it shows, to each and every one of us.

My mom has always been the most patient person I know. (Except for that one time….but I deserved everything I got!) She’s wonderful with the little ones and the big ones too. As wonderful as WE all are ;), she deals with each of us as individuals, choosing words carefully every time.

My mom is just the best. Her talents are many, and her joy in other’s talents is pure. 

She did teach me all the important stuff, and I call her blessed every day.

Happy Birthday, mom.

I love you.



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