Funny Friday

Do you enjoy humor as much as I do? If you read this blog regularly, you know that I choose to look at things with a smile. One of my most favorite expressions of humor would be the someecards. There are some great ones with sewing references!

Of course we all know this isn’t really funny.

But the drama of it is so overdone, it’s pretty funny.

Is that the truth or what! I also feel this way when I clean, do laundry or cook!

I can honestly say that I have never injured anyone while fabric shopping. But can you imagine!?

This one is my favorite…

I know, right?

And the one who does this the most is the husband! Mending stuff is not my fave! But we do what we must to keep the peace. Lol.

These are funny things too, this cute little couple in cartoon-land.

Ain’t nothing wrong with that attitude!

Other unrelated funnies that just make me laugh….

One more quilty one!

Well, I guess that’s enough laughter for one sitting.

This weekend we celebrate my mom and my daughter. Both have birthdays and we always combine the party. There is always fun, laughing, inside jokes and food. We have a great time. Family is so important.

I hope you all have a grand weekend, friends.



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