Wemember these? (trying to do a Wednesday thing here…)

No longer a WIP! These guys are done!

I must tell you, the odd shape I was so excited about kind of weirds me out now, but they’re done! I quilted very densely in the white areas, just to see if I could do pebbles and straight-line modern-ish quilting.

I can! But I need practice BIG TIME! 

Here’s a shot of a little of both backs. I enjoyed doing the liney thing more than the pebbles.

It’s really difficult to make them “just so.” I’ve got a whole new, hero worship respect for those who rock at pebbles! Goodness, it’s hard!

Yeah, so I wasn’t putting quite enough pressure on myself and I decided to try a feather! Oh my goodness! That’s hard too! Moving the fabric one way in a swoopy motion then to do it again backwards! And heading the other direction! Parts of my lone feather aren’t too hideous, but I’ve got to practice that too.

Lines. I wasn’t quite sure what a “bonafide” modern quilter would do with this space, but I tried to go with the shape of the block. Much of the time I was not a perfect 1/4″ from the previous line. Does that mean I stopped? 

Oh no, once we start a quilt design, we try to carry on til the end. (Except on the BIL’s quilt….)

Anyhoo, I love the texture the lines give. I even enjoy the monotonous repetitive sew, stop, needle down, turn, sew, stop and so on. Trying to push the skill set here, friends.

And yes, I skipped the binding on these. It’s okay, trust me.

And remember these guys?

So stinking cute! I sewed them all together (remember I had lots and lots? I did.) and I have a single 6.5″ block that is cuter than cute!

It’s not perfect, but it’s sure cute with the teeny tiny half inch squares! Sixteen of them in each section! The back is almost cute too.

I pressed the seams open and they meet! That was kind of funny to me. 

And here is my fave little miss.

She’s hiding. And shy. And little.

So that’s my WIP Wednesday, with a twist.



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