Hey Foxy Lady!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist that heading.

Here is my sweet daughter with a pillow of her own making!

It is usually much like pulling teeth trying to get her to sew with me. But several weeks ago I enticed her with this fun fox pattern (Elizabeth Hartman)! I had it downloaded in a snap, printed and ready to go!

She chose her fabrics well, in the fave color for both of us…..and waited for me to read the directions.

Yes, it’s that kind of commitment when we sew together, friends. I read, she follows.

She tried cutting the pieces out, but they truly ended up all wonky. In order to not go thru the entire stash, I cut her pieces for her. She is still a little afraid of the rotary cutter anyway. (It can be a scary tool, even when one knows what they’re doing!)

Okay, so you know how sometimes you look at a block and figure it out in your brain and think, “ah, yes, that makes sense?” And other times you’ve got your pieces all nicely cut and lined up and ready to go? And you can almost see it, even when they’re just side by side? Or your imagination is just way ahead of you and it’s exciting so you jump right in?

So. Not. My. Girl.

Having the cut pieces just added to the “not fun” part of sewing for her. And the unsewing, oh she hates that.

But she did carry on, and completed her pillow cover in a few hours. 

I think she picked wonderful fabrics for the fox and the borders. We are lovin’ the pink at our house. She did a wonderful job!

After she made her pillow, she thought it’d be cool to make a whole quilt, with all different colors of foxes, like a rainbow! That would be so cool! In checking the sizes, she would need 80 fox faces to make a quilt the size she wants. So she thought she could make one a day for 80 days. 

A good plan.

A huge plan.

She chose a background fabric so they’d be somewhat consistent. Didn’t choose her rainbows yet.

I thought I’d try something though. I doubled the size of the pieces and made a LARGE fox face.

It’s pretty big, not quite as cute, but she’d need fewer than 80! 

And then she started her new job.

If I was a really nice mom, I would have made this for her for the upcoming birthday. But honestly, I just thought of that this minute. Maybe she will get interested again, maybe not.

We had a blast that day, just talking and sewing and unsewing and laughing. And pressing. Lots of pressing. She got to show her dad what she made, by herself, and I got to see her be proud of yet another accomplishment.

Sometimes we/people “belittle” sewing skills. It’s such a domestic, home-maker type thing to do. In the past sewing has gained little respect, maybe because it’s a necessity. 

Buttons need to be sewn back on, patches for knees in jeans, hems that fall.

These are the things everyone needs done, but can barely do on their own. Not all people can do these things well.

Few people, in the grand scheme can actually sew fabrics together to make a fox face.

But my girl can.

Happy Birthday, my sweet daughter. You make me proud every moment, with your grace, kindness and skills. 

You are a foxy lady.

Love Mom


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