What’s the difference between a quilt & a blanket?

I’ve been asked this question more than once. And when people teasingly call quilts “blankets” in front of me, well, I just wanna sock ’em! 

Not really. (Sort of not really.)

But there is a difference, especially TO a quilter.

Websters says the following in reference to quilts:  a bed cover with stitched designs that is made of two layers of cloth filled with wool, cotton, or soft feathers.

Pretty generically basic, huh, friends?

And blanket? Here ya go: covering made of cloth that is used especially on a bed to keep you warm.

So, blankets and quilts are interchangeable really, when thought of only as bed coverings. And logically, a quilt IS a blanket, based on the word “blanket’s” description – “a covering made of cloth used especially on a bed to keep you warm.”  How about that?

They’re the same.

Any quilter would say they aren’t. And since you’re still reading, if you are, I will give you my thoughts on this topic. Believe me, that “covering of cloth blah blah blah” threw me a little. 

There’s just so much more to it, friends.

A quilt begins with an idea, a thought, an occasion or a reason. A quilt continues to be a thought through creativity, joy, love and a desire to share.

The “process” of making a quilt: choosing a pattern and fabrics especially for the individual, cutting the fabrics into usable pieces, then sewing them all back together again, basting and quilting the layers together, finishing with binding and a label, because it will be a treasure to someone, all of these things combined….


And finally the giving of a quilt. This is the joy of quilting.

Oh sure, creating something beautiful is a thrill. Learning new skills is challenging and fun. Completing all of the many many steps IS a lot of work, but it’s also therapeutic for the quilter. It’s rewarding and exhilarating to see what one can do with “cloth.” 

But giving a quilt to someone who hasn’t ever received a handmade gift is just way fun. Especially when the person learns it was made specifically FOR them. 

Okay, I’ve made blankets too. Receiving blankets for sweet babies, and tied fleece throws for quick gifts. All have been appreciated and called “quilts” simply because I am a quilter. 

But, calling a quilt a “blanket” although by definition may be correct, just won’t be tolerated at my house.

Quilts that I have made are QUILTS. They may serve the purpose of a blanket, but there is so much more of “me” in a gift that I made.

So, watch yourself, people. 

Name-calling isn’t nice.

My mom said that too.



2 thoughts on “What’s the difference between a quilt & a blanket?

  1. A quilt is SO NOT just a blanket any more than a diamond is just a rock or your child or grandchild is just some kid. There’s obviously something much more special about those creations whether they’re made by God in nature or by someone’s God-given talent.

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